Hello all. Of course this is several days post no-tv but bear with me. My middle child, a five year old girl had her pre-school graduation Friday and we had a subsequent celebration and a family weekend in NYC. Dad was able to score two free rooms at Hotel W thanks to the many miles he has logged on work travel air flights. We will not even try to guess how much damage those miles have incurred to our precious planet!

Well, we parked our house on wheels-yes, I drive a minivan…critique me now…after we extracted all of our three children…yes, three children…critique my personal overpopulation…and all of our various accoutrement from the vehicle including our reusable water bottles and coffee cups we got to the room only to realize we left our three reusable shopping bags in the car. !@#$%^&*()_+ My response…no shopping. My fella’s…call down to the front desk. It would have been $60 bucks to retrieve our car to get those three bags. Luckily someone took pity and went to our vehicle but they were only able to locate 1 of the 3. Better than nothing! Of course the $5 tip would have bought me several bags @ WF but oh, well. I guarantee we will not forget again. Did I mention we forgot to bring our water bottles when we went to grab dinner for an al fresco meal with the kids. Rule violation AGAIN! We chose to buy drinks we could not otherwise purchase with a reusable cup-seltzer for me and coconut water for him. We are pathetic.

The good news? We did not use our car the whole weekend. Our kids were troopers. We had a GREAT weekend walking all over the city. Of course they never forgot their bottles but they have always had portable water bottles available to them since they were old enough to have water along with breast milk. We did take them to Dylan’s Candy Bar to check it out and my silly man twice had to go up to the register to return the bags our purchases came in. OLD HABITS, DIE HARD.

Progress…our glass bottle milk delivery begins next Monday. Everyone is very excited. We will be finishing off the last of our already purchased juice cartons and then we will no longer be buying juice. We will use our old electric juicer until we can afford the high powered, high capacity model I have researched which is beaucoup bucks. Anniversary present anyone? My husband and one of my girls enjoy fresh grapefruit so they can break their am juice habit easily I bet. Myself, I need that grapefruit juice fix and my other girl likes orange juice, no pulp so we are going to try juicing small batches 2-3x a week. What else do we have to do @ night? No tv!

We are still on the hunt for a composter and rain barrel. A friend gave us a heads up on a few steals on Craig’s List but we were not quick enough. Currently have a listing on FreeCycle.

Biked today to lunch with a friend and again later to the library. Good for me! I made a different choice even though the habit would have been to drive, drive, drive. Silly, silly, silly. It was a lot of fun and good for me too!

Stay tuned…