Hello all…two people who have visited my blog…probably my fella and me! So we have been continuing on in our quest to decrease our IMPACT on the environment. I am now reading “No Impact Man” myself and WOW this book really resonates with me. I am getting a bit preachy with my friends but trying hard to restrain myself. None know I am blogging yet. I am not ready yet to expose myself to their commentary.

I have been making a point to walking as much as possible to locales. One of the reasons we chose the location we live in was to be able to walk to a local park with bike/walk paths and a handy downtown which houses all of the necessaries ie cafes, coffee shops, library, bank, post office, church, etc. When the weather is as nice as it is now, what excuse do I have? It is again making the point, taking the time, etc. My fella was inspired by my recent biking to the library which I believe was faster than taking the car but I cannot say for sure. He has taken his bike to be rehabbed at our local bike shop. I can honestly say I enjoy walking a heck of a lot more than driving. Especially since someone rear ended me yesterday as I was on my way to my multiple child pick ups post school. Luckily no one was hurt except my house on wheels. I should have been walking!!! I would have had to allow hours for that.

I ventured to my local Whole Foods last night to ask about having my permanent containers tared so I can use them to fill from the bulk bins. I felt like a freak and a bit embarrassed but the truth, they were as nice as pie and did not blink an eye. They did ask why? I touted “No Impact Man.” (preachy again?) Our goal to cut down on those multiple cereal boxes ASAP.  I cannot believe how easy it was and thought, why were we not doing this before? While there I was picking up fruit supplies for us and even though I had already begun placing various items in my permanent bags I could not believe the automatic reflex to grab for a plastic bag for some more items as I was browsing around. I was incredulous! Why? It is crazy how ingrained the habit to use these useless bags is. I had already been placing loose fruit in my bag yet as I passed the plastic bags to choose some more my arm went automatically up. What is wrong with me???

What else to think about? Built in obsolescence of clothing. I bought two new shirts last summer @ Macy’s. Got a bargain, on sale with coupons. Guess what? Not such bargains. One has already disintegrated and unfortunately the other is well on its way. Less than one years use. Really? We are becoming BIG fans of Freecycle. Still on our quest for a used rain barrel and composter.

I thank Colin Beavan for his inspiration on forging a new path for our family. Will I take it as far as he? NO! But his writing has echoed many thoughts I have had over the years but have been too complacent to pursue. These are things that are making me happier. I have always been a gal that finds inaction to be anxiety provoking yet once I tackle the things causing me to stew I find great relief. PROGRESS!

I am missing tv. What have we been doing instead? Reading, walking to see a movie, Sex & the City with my very best friend, talking with my fella and friends, going to sleep a wee bit earlier and of course to quote Colin Beavans..”…improving marital relations!”

Our juice supply is dwindling so my fella is gearing up to utilize our juicer this week. I so hope we can afford the real deal in the fall. More to think about…consumerism. This is always on my mind…want vs. need.

Stay tuned…