Hello all. We are now officially converted to milk delivery and fresh squeezed juice for me. (grapefruit) We have yet to convert to oj for my middle girl as we are on the last carton. She is not looking forward to the fresh squeezed-HUH? She hates pulp and alas the juicer we have does not have the pulp adjuster the fancy schmancy one on my wish list has. My oldest happily is eating a half of grapefruit each am and my youngest has not yet discovered the am juice habit.

One drawback of all of this conversion is the cost. We are going to be spending approximately 10-15$ more per week although qualitatively and environment wise we are doing better. Or are we? It is all a catch 22…is the carbon foot print of that grapefruit which comes in a plastic bag equal, lesser or more than the carton we would normally purchase? Hard to say since we are not environmental impact experts; just novices trying to make a difference.

The kids and I took several permanent cereal containers to WF and choose some for a taste test. I e-mailed our two favorite box cereal companies and boo hoo for us neither sell what we like in bulk anywhere. All of us are sad but we have all committed to try to convert, try to find something we like, try to make a difference. My favorite, Peanut Butter Puffins is just about to the end. (sniff, sniff)

After a harrowing day of 5 children at my home at one point due to playdates, etc and a traveling spouse I was looking forward to a yummy double espresso @ WF apres dinner. Guess what? I forgot my cup-BAH! They had no permanent cups @ this particular WF. The barista suggested purchasing a permanent cup but I have no need for yet another travel mug. Of course I did not remember one of our many but that is my punishment and I shall guarantee there will be no forgetting in the future.

The composter is my biggest wish. I see how much food garbage is created and I truly believe that would further cut down on our garbage in a positive way. My garden could use it. Speaking of gardens; the community garden we have participated in the past four years is doing well this year. Last year not so good but the promise of many zucchini and cucumbers excites me. Mmmm, that sounds a little perverse, hey?

Keepin’ the faith.