…i am missing television. Why, why, why? Sometimes I do not want to read! I just want to be a slug on the sofa and watch mindless television. Not every night mind you, but I need a little fix…..this sounds bad, doesn’t it?

On the up side, eating lots and lots of fresh produce thanks to the now abundant farmer’s markets in our area and our own little community garden patch. We are now officially on only fresh squeezed oj/grapefruit juice and our milk delivery. It is kind of nice to not run out for these items constantly. My middle girl who loves oj in the am did not complain about the juice today so Dad must have done a stellar job on reducing the pulp in our little juicer.

Continuing to break old habits. Trying to bring own packaging as much as possible everywhere and no one has given me a hard time. Okay, maybe the bagel shop. Not only do they wrap the food but then they put it in a paper bag and again in a plastic bag. HUH? Why? When I said, “no bag please” for about the third time as they continued to ignore me I got the skink eye and a shrug. Sorry, just trying to make a small difference here, BUDDY!

I did not get my pm coffee fix today but not because I forgot my mug; I had it! BUT, I also had 4 kids ages 10, 8, 5, and 2 (the 10 yr. old was on loan) and the 2 year old refused to get in his stroller and refused to hold a hand on a busy street so I just gave up on my double espresso and went home. BAH! Sometimes, I am too tired to fight it. (really I was just weak from caffeine deprivation)

Staying strong on no tv! Is there rehab in the future for me?