Hey all. We finally had our first true representation of our goal to reduce our recycling this past week without the heft of all those cereal boxes, juice and milk cartons along with shopping bags. We were able to reduce our recycling by 50%. We only used one can this week instead of our usual filled to the brim two containers. We are feeling smug. We are dying to get a composter but so far we have missed out on Craig’s list and Freecycle deals but we keep trying. We think that would have  a HUGE impact on our household garbage. We continue to stick to our no tv except for one movie a week rented from our town library for $1 and our coffee cup/water bottle/shopping bag rule. It is amazing how these small steps seem to help. My Mom has now borrowed my copy of “No Impact Man.” She is already a conscientious person with regards to our environment but I think she sees the little things we are doing and realizes it could go a step further without major inconvenience. Another convert? Says the zealot with a smile.