Just returned from a  LARGE carbon footprint trip to drop off two of my three children in Florida to spend a few days with Grammy and GrandDad. While there we experienced just how hard it can be to travel with no impact, especially around meal times. Without the conveniences of home we resorted to take out food and the requisite styrofoam, plastic, disposable items that accompany those meals. Eating out is an option where permanent plates, etc. are used but who really wants to try and get a two year old to sit in already crowded restaurants where the waits are long, the service is slow and meals turn into two hour long ordeals. I do not.

I have decided to purchase the ecopacks bulk cereal bags for my kids. They do not know this yet. They are not loving the bulk cereals from WF and the two cereals they enjoy are offered box free in ecopack bags which of course are going to cost more but they will be happy and the environment will be happy. Right?

Our garden went into overdrive this past week in our absence. We had a record size zucchini-15 inches long and 13 inches around at its widest point. I want to take a pic but my camera is still at Grammy’s!

Only have my little boy with me these couple of days and he keeps me busy, busy, busy. We went to WF last night for dinner-on plates! As he went into whiny mode I realized I needed a blast of caffeine to power through tubby time and bed time and thankfully this WF has permanent cups for which I am VERY grateful. (they gave me  15 cent discount for using it.) I downed my espresso in record time and I thought of C. Beavan’s wife as I was doing so. CHEERS!