As I loaded up with my multitudes of laundry to fold and presents to wrap for my daughter’s preschool graduation I did my usual and plopped in front of the sofa for my mindless entertainment…is the cable still working…the tv is working (silent HURRAY!) Oh, even better multiple repeats of Bones on tonight…go to 37/TNT…UH OH…no such luck, SUCKA! It is gone, baby, gone. We are now w/o cable and within days my fella will be disconnecting the tv entirely because we still are able to receive the basic broadcast channels. What I did spend some time doing besides the aforementioned laundry was to research home glass bottle milk/juice delivery options for us. That is one of our biggest post-consumption waste products. In all fairness I must confess I pulled out a DVD which I received for a birthday two years ago and unwrapped it…Dan in Real Life. One of my favorites. A favorite line from daughter to Dad “You are a murderer of love, that is what you are!” all because Dad would not let her boyfriend stay for the weekend at the family getaway.

Stay tuned…we are progressing albeit s-l-o-w-l-y.


Here we are on day 3…I lost day 2 to Mommyhood. We gorged some more last night on a TNT movie. Afraid to look at cable box tonight to see if it has been disconnected yet.

A few other notes: habits are hard to break. New rules: NO shopping bags, bring your own or do without…we have them but always forget them so here we are. Also NEW RULES: always have own permanent water bottle/coffee cup at the ready or do without. Again, have them, sporadically remember them but the NEW RULE gives BIG incentive. Must have coffee fix in afternoon to power on with my 3 darlings. NEW RULE: no elevators…again when one has a 25 lb. monkey on her back it behooves her to take the elevator but I will look at it as more exercise for me.

Just a note for you critics and sketpics-I am NOT going to be hard core as No Impact Man but I think the most important thing he (and his wife) is doing is modeling a different way of living for his child one which will hopefully impart some valuable life lessons and normalize a lifestyle which focuses on less consumption and more respect for our planet, environment, yada, yada.

He got a lot of criticism but as a parent this is what I found to be the key moment in his “experiment” and what is instigating me to make changes in my life. I applaud him for this and HIS WIFE!!! I needed a kick in the butt to step up and follow through on my feeble attempts over the years.

ps @ my local starbucks w/my travel mug. what do they do? write on a disposable cup and put it in the queue on top of my permanent cup. Come on, WORK WITH ME PEOPLE, I am trying to make a difference here!

Tick, tick, tick…my fella and I are taking a bold step for us…one we have talked to death over the years. Can you guess? We have been inspired to take a HUGE step for us and give up our television. What does this mean exactly? For us the tv becomes our evening ritual the minute the kids are in bed around 8pm we hit the living room sofa and chair and enter the zone…mind you we do not allow our three children to watch tv other than the occasional (0-1x per week) video in our home. They do see tv at friend’s houses and at Mom’s gym and no, we are not upset by this. My fella recently read “No Impact Man” and shared bits and pieces with me. It was an inspiring treatise in what changes can one family make to positively decrease their negative impact on the environment. Giving up television was only part of the BIG picture.  More to come in that department.

The big day will be on the 10th of June. We will still rent movies but access to all of those cable channels will be gone, gone, gone. We are now gorging on multiple episodes of Bones and I had a mini-fix of Entertainment Tonight. I am feeling a bit of PANIC. We are hoping to decrease the non-qualitative time suck tv has become in our life, save $, model a different life for our kids, decrease our electric usage.

Tick, tick, tick…

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