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Here we are on day 3…I lost day 2 to Mommyhood. We gorged some more last night on a TNT movie. Afraid to look at cable box tonight to see if it has been disconnected yet.

A few other notes: habits are hard to break. New rules: NO shopping bags, bring your own or do without…we have them but always forget them so here we are. Also NEW RULES: always have own permanent water bottle/coffee cup at the ready or do without. Again, have them, sporadically remember them but the NEW RULE gives BIG incentive. Must have coffee fix in afternoon to power on with my 3 darlings. NEW RULE: no elevators…again when one has a 25 lb. monkey on her back it behooves her to take the elevator but I will look at it as more exercise for me.

Just a note for you critics and sketpics-I am NOT going to be hard core as No Impact Man but I think the most important thing he (and his wife) is doing is modeling a different way of living for his child one which will hopefully impart some valuable life lessons and normalize a lifestyle which focuses on less consumption and more respect for our planet, environment, yada, yada.

He got a lot of criticism but as a parent this is what I found to be the key moment in his “experiment” and what is instigating me to make changes in my life. I applaud him for this and HIS WIFE!!! I needed a kick in the butt to step up and follow through on my feeble attempts over the years.

ps @ my local starbucks w/my travel mug. what do they do? write on a disposable cup and put it in the queue on top of my permanent cup. Come on, WORK WITH ME PEOPLE, I am trying to make a difference here!