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Hello all. Just had to share the upside of coffee in only a permanent cup as in our own travel mug and/or the “for here” cup in a shop. Out with the gang to check out her new rental digs and surrounding environs. Of course my fella and I are ALWAYS on the look out for some decent espresso post brunch. Well lucky us as we are strolling to check out the riverfront…stroller with whiny 2 year old, 5& 8 year old complaining of the “heat” and fatigue of walking, (Come on! You just inhaled a GIANT chocolate chip pancake in the shape of Mickey’s head with a whipped cream face and oodles of syrup. You should be galloping down the sidewalk!) my sister and her significant other when we SPOT it…a local shop. I quickly mumble to my sister to walk ahead with the gang, stroller and all saying we will catch up. We skip, giddy as school girls into the shop and order our espresso in “for here” cups which let’s face it makes it all the much better in those cute little cups. What my sissy does not realize is this; we do not get our drinks “to go” in paper cups ANYMORE so we have the burden of sitting in complete stillness sans kids to enjoy our coffee and each other’s company and quite frankly no matter how brief those moments are it is pure ecstasy. (Speaking as a SAHM in the throes of week 7 of summer break and all kids all the time.) Did I mention the uninterrupted 15 minutes of conversation my fella and I had? What? Walk and hold each other’s hands instead of dragging two sweaty hand girls along and pushing the behemoth stroller? In a word, lovely.

My sister mumbled herself something about how long it took and then had to have the 10 second briefing on the fact we did not have travel mugs so therefore were FORCED to order in “for here” cups and savor the moment. AH HA and HA, HA! Perhaps payback when we are walking along and her significant other buys a plastic bottle of water. ARRRGH! We were only 15 mins. from her place. Come on, you are killing me here!

One thing is clear, we need a date…that lasts for more than 15 minutes. Right, honey?

Other updates-we missed the boat on two composters on FreeCycle but I am hopeful that we will luck out eventually. My fella is doubtful but I want to hold on for free, free, free. We continue with our carton-less house; juice is fresh and milk continues to be delivered. Shopping bags continue to be banned and we are doing well with our habit breaking. Our garden is producing zucchini at a record rate. We are now sharing our bounty with family. Tomatos are abound We have also decided to join a vegetable/fruit co-op in September as we did when we resided in CA and WA. This one is the Purple Dragon Co-op. Did have to extract a promise from my fella that he too would help me to decipher how to prepare all of those root veggies we know from past experience appear to multiply in one’s produce drawer over night. Purple potato anyone? Leeks? Rutabega? Squash, squash, squash.

That is it for now. Keepin’ the faith.

ps still miss tv and in the spirit of honesty we have been catching one of our fave summer shows, The Closer on the computer. I HAD to have my fix of Brenda and Fitzy.